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Discovering and specializing in the decorative technique of Sgraffito has allowed me to pair up my two loves of drawing and clay work. I view every unique work as a three dimensional clay

painting and a celebration of the natural world.

I am passionate about this time consuming process and have developed a distinctive and unique style, with each piece being made, and meticulously decorated by hand. Telling a story and trying to capture a fleeting moment in time I find very fascinating. Birds and fish are particular favourites and being such nervous creatures I hope to give the impression they may take flight from a vessel or dish at any moment. My forms and designs are ever changing and I have numerous sketch books waiting to come to life.

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blue parrot yellow orchid sgraffito


Dorset Art Weeks

I will be opening my studio

to the public from 

10.30am - 4pm

on the

 25th of May - 9th of June 2024


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