CPA selection

I decided to try for selected membership with the CPA again after being turned down in 2013. I felt my work had changed and developed sufficiently enough during this time and I had been working hard on both my decoration and form. After my last attempt I had asked Richard Phethean for feedback on why I had not been selected and this was very helpful. If you do try to apply and are not accepted then I would strongly advise that you get some feedback from the members.

The CPA for me held a kind of mystic the thought of being accepted into such an elite group was very exciting and also quite intimidating. So I took a deep breath and applied back in November 2016. After a long wait I found out I was one of the lucky few to be invited to the selection meeting. This meant I had to pack 6 pieces of my latest and best pieces go to London and show and display then to the committee. It was a nice but nervous atmosphere at the set up for the selection where many smiles and good lucks were exchanged. I saw Ian Harris from Corfe in Dorset and Midori Takaki with her fantastic sculptures and it was truly fascinating to see every ones unique use and artistic expression in clay. After setting up we left and killed some time having coffee and then returned after 1pm to collect my pieces. I was pleased and excited to find out that this time I had been successful and am now a very proud selected member of the craft potters Association