New Ideas

A while ago I created a small selection of reptile pieces which I have wanted to develop, in this series I had also made some drawings of frogs and geckos. Their colours are just so incredible and they appeal to me as they live in the branches of trees and plants allowing me to research which ones flower and are within their habitats.

Continuing on from my first drawings I thought this red eyed tree frog would be a great design to start thinking about creating a new series of pieces. These would have more open larger designs and a back ground colour. This will allow me to spend more time on the actual design content of the piece and also extend my choice of slip colours for the main designs.

After a lot of thought and some experiments I have created my first test wall hanging showing a red eyed tree frog in a heaven lotus tree. Before I applied the top colours onto the frog I spent time carving in the shape of his arm and legs and his eye is very raised. I really am excited about this first test and have several more sculptural forms ready to decorate using this new technique. I’m hoping to create a coral reef piece with yellow and white butterfly fish and sea anemones, also a Malaysian butterfly piece.