Colin Scull: My father, sculptor

I thought it would be really nice to start to profile artists that I admire from all across the wide ranges of art. Here it made sense for me to start with my father Colin Scull. My dad who is now based in Newquay in Cornwall is still carving at over seventy years of age and I feel his most recent pieces are some of his best. He’s able to make Portland lime stone feel just like velvet with his long process of filing and sanding down the stone surface.

He has always drawn with both pencil and charcoal and a nice biro seems to be his favourite which is a strange coincidence as I love drawing in biro too. His work has gone through many different types of 3D materials from metal and wood until finally deciding to specialise in stone carving. I am showing a selection of his works starting with his sculpture Daphne which he has worked on for many years. He also works in a rare Cornish stone called polyphant which when buffed up has the look and feel of a marble. He also creates beautiful base relief carvings which he has had cast.

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