Lyn Kirkland | Waxing Lyrical!

A close neighbour of Tiffany, our paths meet only occasionally as we are both so busy with our respective creative endeavours. I am an Encaustic Wax Artist, and before you say, “oh, that’s with an iron, a small block of pigmented wax and card”? Well, no actually. Whilst that method is called encaustic wax painting, it’s quite a different technique and outcome to the one I choose to work with.

I create my own pigmented beeswax, and use it in a molten state in fused layers on wood panels. The finished results are deep layers of highly textured wax, using a technique similar to scraffito. I scratch the surface of the wax, embed photographs (known as Photo-Encaustic), and polish the surface to a very high gloss.

I have only just finished a series of photo-encaustic paintings entitled ‘A life in Pictures’, a personal labour of love (shown above). One image of just before I embed the photographic image on Japanese paper and the finished piece. Hope you like it.

See more at Lyn’s website.