Jessie Pitt | Everything is connected

‘When reality is replaced with dreams.
When Earth is a memory.
Look further.
Look deeper.
And find her again.
She is us, we are her.
Since Time began.
Until Time ends.’
(poem, j.pitt)

The present is a very strange place to exist. We are facing things in a way that humanity has not really faced before. The 6th mass extinction, a quickly changing climate. Fires, glaciers melting, plastic crisis… the list is long.
Things are changing. And it feels odd.

I had this summer, an amazing opportunity to exhibit in a huge space which gave me the freedom to create an installation to fill this space and realise a few ideas. Which I did though paintings, video works, poetry and rice paper Bergdolen, mountain birds.

The deeper meaning behind the installation is that we are all connected. Nature and humanity. It is about our need to re-connect to nature if you have lost it. Through connection comes protection.

The birds symbolise Time, flowing in a circle though the past, present and future. Represented by and in 6 large artworks hanging from the high ceiling in the middle of the room. They are a journey through Time. With 3 artworks inspired by moments in the past, and 3 artworks from the present. Three videos, Time 1, Time 2, and Time 3 are all continuous moments in nature that could be any time in the history of our planet, and could be happening at any time. Endless.

If I could wish one thing from the collective humanity, is that we could find our way back to nature, to the planet earth. It is an odd thought/thing that we take for granted. Yet the fact is, that is the only home that we all have in common, and the only place that we can exist.
It is really the only place that we can exist.
And nature is food for our soul.

‘Tell me who you are.
That light that hides behind Time.
Come back and remind humanity of where they come from.
Not born of machines,
But of Earth and water.
Light and darkness.
From Time and Earth itself.’
(poem. j.pitt)