New forms

Over the past few years I have been playing with new forms and new ideas both on paper and with clay. This year I hope to be launching a new range of pieces which have my detailed decoration on but less of it. I have become fascinated with the idea of really opening up my pieces and allowing me the time to create more detailed lines and colours on the main themes.

I’ve also been thinking about creating square flat tiles again either for decoration or splash backs. I have a beautiful glaze which fires a soft grey blue and reacts with my slips colours making them really sparkle in the light. I have some stylised birds and fish designs to start with and I’m really looking forward to starting some new projects and expanding my range.

Everything always starts as a test and these will be refined and progress until I’m happy. I’m also very excited to start to work on my coloured clay pieces and I will talk about these at a later date.