Music while you work

As my pieces take such a long time to create I have always listened to music while working and I get lost in my own world once my headphones are on. My collection has grown to the point where I had to add some new shelves to house all my cds. I do like to own music and although I use an ipod I still tend to buy cds. My music changes and depends on my mood and also what stage each piece is at. Whilst decorating very complex areas and mapping out my designs I tend to listen to classical, opera and composers such as Phillip Glass and Steve Reich.

Back in 2017 we treated ourselves to a very special stay in London where we booked to go and see the German Opera written by Mozart The Magic Flute at The Royal Opera House. This truly was a magical evening and watching it live and hearing the famous arias was a very emotional experience. The Opera House its self is such a beautiful building and I came away with my mind full of tropical birds against golden backgrounds.

I also love listening to movie sound tracks with some of my favourite composers being John William, John Barry and Hans Zimmer. At the moment I’ve been listening to the beautiful music from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button which was created by Golden Globe-winning French composer Alexandre Desplat.

I also listen to all types of music from The Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, Queen, Led Zepplin and also electronic music from The Orb, The Future Sound of London, and The Art of Noise along with a vast amount of dance. All this music enriches my work and my life and I often have to wait until a certain song or piece has finished before I can pack up and leave the studio for the day.

Music while you work

As a small girl I was allowed to listen to my parent’s records and tapes and I still have some of their collection. The only treasured record I still have which was mine is The Nutcracker Ballet which is now so scratched I’m unable to listen to it and the cover split open at the top and bottom of the sleeve so I had to tape it up! I think I must have had this since I was eight or nine. This is such a magical ballet and still my favourite which I have been lucky enough to see several times.