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Creating a commissioned piece is a very exciting experience for all parties involved. Over the years I have been asked to create many different and interesting pieces for clients often taking my work into new areas of design and colour.

My process begins with a talk about what you are interested in, is this colour decoration or form based? Have you seen a design I already have on the web site or would you like a piece drawn and designed for you to create something that’s very personal?

All of my pieces are decorated using clay slips which contain natural oxides and body stains and although I have a very good idea of how these look once fired the colours will always vary slightly.

I have a large selection of drawings and these can all be used and adapted to a new design. Each commission is different so after our first contact I will be able to decide how much design time is needed. Sometimes I am given a very open brief where the client gives me a suggestion of what they have in mind and are happy to see how the final piece comes out. Others are more complicated and we then will take this stage by stage with a great deal of contact and signing off of designs along the way. If designs are created or extra drawings are needed then this will obviously add to the final cost of the commissioned piece.

This Hummingbird wall art piece was a commission using a new flower and the client was specific about how she wanted the overall feel of the work. In this case I produced a watercolour giving a suggestion of how the final piece may look.

Hummingbird 7

If you are unable to come to my studio to talk to me in person this is not a problem as I’m happy to correspond with you either through e-mail or phone calls.

Each step of my creating process is taken very slowly to make sure that all parties are happy.
I do ship works around the world and all pieces are packaged very carefully.

If you are interested in talking to me about a commission please get in touch I would love to hear from you.

Hummingbird 8

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