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As a small girl I would spend many hours drawing in my bedroom using books of wildlife and illustrations as my inspiration. Growing up in central London with no garden limited my access to the natural world so I relied on my own imagination and what reference material I could find. This had a huge impact on how I create my work and this has not really change now that I am an adult and a full-time artist.

Alongside of my ceramics I try to find as much time as possible for drawing and painting. I have explored many different mediums and found that I really love using watercolours and inks. Some of my drawings go onto inspire new works in clay but most of them are turned into giclees and stay as a work of art on paper. I do enjoy creating detailed and precise work controlling my mark making and the overall colour finish. My development and growth as a creative is always evolving and I’m currently enjoying playing with lino cuts and printing on some beautiful Japanese paper.

My inspiration is always drawn from the natural world and mirrors my ceramic designs in the choice of subject matter.

My Process

Each detailed watercolour and ink drawing has been created by first stretching watercolour paper which once dry I make a sketch onto. I build up my watercolour painting leaving parts to dry between applications. Once the painting is fully dry, I use a very fine rotring pen to draw in all the tiny details using dots and lines. These paintings can take many weeks to finish.

If you’re interested in my drawings and paintings you can find a great selection in my Etsy shop.  Tiffany Scull Art

ink drawing
ink drawing 1
ink drawing

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