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Guest Articles

My reasons for starting this feature …
Having a father who is a full time artist meant I grew up being surrounded by music, drawings, painting, screen printing and stone and wood carving. I was fully immersed and fascinated in many different art forms from an early age.

The idea for this project first took shape a while ago as my father is now specialising in stone carving and creates the most beautiful work so I wanted to profile him on my web site. I then started to think about all the artists and forms of art that excite me and thought maybe I could profile a guest artist a month? I have started to reach out to fellow artists which has already given me a great opportunity to contact people creating the most amazing works.

I have chosen to include a broad spectrum of arts with in this project and I feel this opens up an interesting dialogue between many of the different disciplines including film, photography, performance art, music, ceramics, painting, print making, glass, stone carving etc. I am hoping to grow the amount of artists taking part over time and to create a really exciting and interesting section to read and look at for browsing visitors. I’m hoping visitors will see and start to understand the time work and dedication it takes to specialise in a creative art form and to make a living from it.

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