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Watercolours & Ink drawings

I have started to create some new ink drawings and watercolours. The Red eyed tree frog and a heaven lotus tree will stay as an ink drawing which may be turned into a watercolour at a later date. I have been playing around with new ideas and have been enjoying spending time creating new watercolours which will become a series of Giclée prints.

I will be playing around with masking fluid to create bubbles with the fish and creating watercolours first and then inking over the top. I use very fine Rotering pens which are beautiful to use and the ink flows easily.

Booted racket tail Hummingbird and Orchid watercolour and ink drawing

a print of a water colour and ink drawing
Hummingbird & orchid print

This print is now available to buy through my shop along with many other Giclee prints.



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