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Butterfly World

I recently returned home to the Isle of Wight for a short break and decided to visit butterfly world again. This is an amazing place to see some of the most spectacular butterflies and moths up close. They have platforms set up around the walk containing fresh and rotting fruit which the butterflies love and this allows you to get really close.


I didn’t see the atlas moth which was a shame but it was impossible to try to find just that one species. I found a whole group of caterpillars eating their way through some plants and a very crumpled butterfly which had just hatched out of it chrysalis.


They also run fountain world with some incredible carp of all different breeds and sizes. There was a fantastic talk about the origin of the carp as we know them today and I found out that they can live from 50 to 100 years! They had some huge fish and also a few butterfly carp which were a lot smaller than the other carp but have very long flowing fins.

We were lucky enough to arrive in time for feeding and I was able to feed a whole group of them from my hand.


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