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New White collection

I have been developing and exploring new ideas recently for a collection of pieces which will be pure white with carved details and have no coloured slips added. This collection will be titled Departure and is an emotional, artistic and physical response to losing my father Colin Scull last year.

My dad was a very talented sculptor specialising in carving Portland stone and refining the surface down so much that it felt like velvet to touch.

I'm excited so far with how my tests are looking and will be launching this new collection as soon as I'm happy with the pieces which I feel my dad would have loved.

The pieces above are tests playing with mark making and different openings to see if I like how they look and feel.

This film shows the first large final piece which I'm really happy with. I have used several dragonflies and placed them amongst the flowers and leaves of an Iris plant. This piece is still drying and I cant wait until I have fired it.


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